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ChainBB is a forum style interface being developed by jesta (@jesta) allowing users to interact with the steem blockchain. It uses traditional forum elements like sections and subsections, posts move down the page as their interaction declines and posts that are active are continuously bumped to the top of the forum section. This keeps active posts visible.

Launched in beta version in May, 3rd, 2017 at, ChainBB was designed to encourage discussion and engagement by bringing to the foreground content that people are responding to. As the creator said: “My goal in building chainBB was to bring a product that was focused very deeply on engagement. It can be hard to keep up with a busy discussion using a reddit-style interface having to hunt-and-peck at responses as they come in”.[1]

In March 28, 2018, after running into issues with servers and the steemd node powering it, jesta decided to shut down the site and refund anyone who's actually sent any funds to create/fund a forum. As alluded to in his potential Steem Witness roadmap post, the ChainBB creator was currently focusing on other needed aspects of the Steem Ecosystem and haven't given proper attention to the service or its users.[2]


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