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Using GitHub to manage your blog's drafts.

How To

First, sign up for an account on Free accounts can have unlimited public repositories. There's a $7/month charge for unlimited private repositories.

Either plan will work. If you make enough on to justify the $7/month, you can upgrade at any time. May as well use a public repository for drafts until then.

New Repository A.png

Created a new repository.

Name Repository B.png

Name the repository.

I use the git shell command to commit and push from my desktop as well as pull changes I've made while on my mobile device.

Navigate to your new repository and click the Clone or Download button and copy the url, e.g.:

On the desktop shell (use your url instead):

$ git clone

I also use atom to make changes on my desktop. There are many atom plugins to make this more enjoyable, including Markdown Preview.


Atom is a great editor!

Atom also has several git plugins. Although I use the shell for everything involving git changes, I still use the git plugins to see what's going in atom.

If you are uncomfortable dealing with the shell to manage git, and you're on macOS, I recommend SourceTree by Atlassian.


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