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The term "Whale" was originally used to describe a wealthy Bitcoin trader who has an influence on the market. It then became a widely used term for any wealthy cryptocurrency trader.[1]

Whale refers to a Hive user who has built up a large amount of Hive Power and thus, their influence over aspects of the website steemit.com such as voting power and payouts are quite extensive, especially when compared with new users. Overall, Whales also appear to have higher reputations (ie. over 70). Typically, Whales have been a part of Hive.blog or, involved in HIVE for a much longer period than most.

The Hive Witness @abit in a post published in March 2017 defined that Whales and whale-like groups are those who have more than 800M VESTS in total, or around 384K HP in total. In the same post he explained the math behind this calculation and finished with a conclusion: with greater power comes greater responsibility.[2]


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  2. Definition of a Whale and a whale-like group and the Math Behind Written by @abit in March 2017


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