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Upvoting is the act of voting for content to increase its cumulative tally of popularity. In Steem, it is used to curate content, such as posts and comments.


To upvote content, users must click on the "upvote" icon (^) found at the footer of the content section.

Voting does not incur any cost on users, and can result in curation rewards. If a post is upvoted before it increases in popularity, the voter can earn a curation reward, which will depend on the voter's amount of STEEM power.

Voting influence depends on the user's voting power, which decreases with every vote. Less voting power translates to less voting influence. Every user starts with 100% power, which recharges by 20% daily. Once a user reaches about 500 STEEM power, a voting slider will appear when the user votes, granting the user the ability to adjust the weight of their vote between 1% and 100% of their voting strength. Less voting weight will consume less voting power, but will also lead to less voting influence. To view a user's current voting party, go to https://steemd.com/@useraccount