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Steem Monsters is a digital trading card "MMORPG" game on the Steem blockchain. The game was created by Aggroed (@aggroed) and Yabapmatt (@yabapmatt), two Steem witnesses, announced as a “collectible trading card game with RPG elements” on May 26th, 2018[1]. The game is currently the Alpha version and in open development.

According to steemian KingsCrown (@kingscrown), currently the game is in pre-sale mode, and players can buy packages of cards to collect them. In the future players will be able to use their cards to battle other players and upgrade the cards to make them stronger. Once tournaments start, players will be able to win Upvotes, Cards, STEEM, SBD and more [2]. KingsCrown noticed that loads of people were buying the cards and looking for Legendaries and Epics (the best ranked cards, see also Steem Monsters Cards and Steem Monsters Glossary).

To be able to play in tournaments, it is necessary to buy a starter pack with 15 predetermined cards (it used to be 30 at the time of KingsCrown's post), currently costing $5 USD (payable in STEEM, SBD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero). In addition, there are booster packs for sale costing $2 USD with 5 random cards each.

After 10 days running the Alpha version Aggroed revealed they're at around $12k in packs sold. At that time, with 60k active users every day. they have something like 300-500 customer so far.[3] Technically speaking, co-founder Yabapmatt has spent a lot of time thinking about how to create a game like this using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Steem blockchain (even before Steem Monsters was ever conceived!). He explained that Non-Fungible means that each individual token is different and can have its own properties and Cryptokitties are an example of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and, as far he know, Steem Monsters are the first and currently only NFTs available on the Steem blockchain.[4]

Staff and Volunteers

On June 6th, 2018, the steemian Isaria (@isaria) was hired as Steem Monsters Director of Content to build the brand of Steem Monsters through posting content on the @steemmonsters Steemit page. She would also be working with founder Aggroed (@aggroed) on building and organizing the main story arc of the game as well as coordinating efforts with the community to build the individual card story arcs and elemental backstories​.[5] Isaria is also a moderator in Minnow Support Project and was the first Make a Minnow winner there. She was welcomed by Steem Monsters chiefs as a talented musician and song writer, a fantastic author and a highly organized person.[6]

  • Founder / Executive Officer : Aggroed — aggroed#5133
  • Founder / Lead Developer : Yabapmatt — yabapmatt#2259
  • Creative Director : Nate AguilaIntroduced on June 29, 2018
  • Social Media Director : Reseller — reseller#9467
  • Content Manager : Isaria — isaria#5473
  • Sales Manager : Clove71 — clove71#5266
  • Media Production & Design : ZipporahIntroduced on August 21, 2018

Card Exchange

Buying and gifting cards and decks is currently built into the collection interface on

Decks and cards can be bought with Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) using Steem Connect or Vessel. Purchasers must have a Steem account.

Auctions are presently managed using the #post-auctions channel on the Steem Monsters Discord server.

Many players are successfully using @Steembay to auction their cards and decks.

There is also a #trading-room on the Steem Monsters Discord server. Merchant proxies have a Red user rank in the server.

Card Explorers

On June 4th, 2018, the popular and controversial steemian @berniesanders asked a challenge for someone to create a Steem Monsters explorer where users can analyze each others decks.[7] Few days after, Emre (@emrebeyler) announced the explorer[8] and @blervin announced the further improved[9]

Discord Server

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  • #official-updates
  • #official-contest-posts
  • #general
  • #mt-mox-trading-room
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  • #guidelines


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