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SteemDB is a tool that allows you to know who reblogged your posts, who was your newest follower, and STEEM blockchain metrics.

They define theirselves as a block explorer and database for the Steem Blockchain. Warning that all STEEM Power (SP) & VEST calculations are done using the current conversion rate, not a historical rate. This may cause some calculations to be incorrect.[1]


The tool allows you to view:

  • STEEM Price
  • STEEM Distribution in Vests
  • Author Rewards
  • Curation Rewards
  • Power Down Statistics

The tool allows you to view the following for your own account:

  • Account Overview
  • Posting Activity
  • Incoming/Outgoing Votes
  • Author and Curation Awards
  • Followers
  • Re-bloggers


  1. SteemDB : Retrieved in January 12, 2018


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