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In December 7th, 2016, Wagner Tamanaha (@wagnertamanaha) proposed an idea to reward the participants with STEEM Tokens.[1] With Chris (@someguy123 - the creator of approval, the @steemcenterwiki account was launched in January 2017 starting generating rewards and collecting donations.

The account started to generate and collect and distribute to the registered wiki active user monthly. The proposal is to transfer the amount of STEEM divided to the all active wiki user in the month plus an aditional by the number of actions each one proportionally did.[2] The first version of the rules of this distributions was published in this post:

Division formula

Since January 2017 the wiki collaborators were receiving transfers according a formula that balances equal and proportional divisions.

The rules proposed that after the end of each month the @steemcenterwiki will distribute the total of steems in its wallet to the wiki registered active users in the period, following this formula:

S = Total of Steems generated and collected in @steemcenterwiki
a = Total of actions of registered wiki users listed in “Special:ActiveUsers" page
u = Total of registered monthly active wiki users
Vd = Unit of value to be tranfered to all registered monthly active wiki users
Vp = Unit of value to be transfered proportionaly to the number of actions each monthly active wiki users did
Vd = 60%S ÷ u
Vp = 40%S ÷ a
Each wiki registered user would receive the unit of value (Vd) plus the unit of value (Vp) multiplied by the sum of actions he did in the month[3]

All the calculations are made manually, announced after the end of each month in @steemcenterwiki and shared in Google Spreadsheet files.[4]

See more in: Rewards - Rules

Upvoting the participants

Aside the STEEM and SBD collected and distributed, after almost one year of the project the @steemcenterwiki has accumulated a reasonable amount of STEEM Power (SP) and consequently a valuable voting power. To attract new collaborators and maintain and motivate the current ones @steemcenterwiki will automatically upvote all users who participated in the rewards distributions. Started in the year of 2018 the upvotes are being done as follow:

1. Voting power at 50% to all contributors of the month

2. Voting power at 20% to all contributors of the previous month

3. Voting power at 5% to anyone who contributed in the previous 6 months

The voting power of the upvotes described above will not be cumulative, when necessary, the most powerful index will be applied to the benefited user. These upvotes will be configured using Steemvoter, a third party bot service, it means that @steemcenterwiki can not guarantee the routine if they discontinue or interrupt the service.

See more in: Rewards - Rules

Participants and distributions Rewards - 2017

Loosely guidelines for participation

The wiki, as an old revolutionary open and descentralized tool, allow that everyone can create and edit any pages they want. Even so, the @steemcenterwiki published suggestions made to inspire the collaborators or even provoke discussions about the different ways to create and update the wiki content.

The loosely guidelines was about titles, subheads, text, links, etc. To make it easier to add new pages with these format sugestions, a prepared Page was created, where you can click in edit, copy the code and paste in the new page you want create.[5]

If you're reading this text probably you are in wiki, you can edit this page clicking in the "edit" link on the top of the page. You can try play the wiki formatting in the

Want to contribute editing and creating pages here? See tips for formatting wiki posts: and pick a page if you think it can help.

Volunteer Month in December

In December 2017 there was a pause in the STEEM distributions for collaborators in Called as Volunteer Month, at this time all editions would be welcomed but will not receive any share of STEEM collected by @steemcenterwiki account.[6]


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