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API Nodes (also known as Hive RPC Full Nodes) are used by applications built on the Hive platform. Your application may enable you to change to a different API. Normally users do not directly interact with these nodes. The nodes use JSON-RPC over HTTP/Sand are normally accessed via a library. The older WebSocket servers are generally not available. The API calls are documented on the Hive Developer Portal.

Example usage (curl):

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"database_api.get_dynamic_global_properties", "id":1}'

List of working nodes as at April 2020

Server Ran By @pharesim @ausbit @anyx @anyx Privex @techcoderx esteem HiveKings Hive.Blog  ?

The table above is updated manually and may be outdated. Automatically updated tables of RPC nodes are available here:

Minimum Requirements for Running Full API Nodse

RAM: Around 262gb if shared_memory.bin is kept in RAM. Recommended at least 256gb.

SSD: At least 100GB if shared_memory is in RAM. At least 500gb if shared_memory is kept on disk (be warned, you need very very high-end NVME drives to use shared_memory on disk).

BANDWIDTH: 100mbps minimum for a public node. 500 to 1000mbps (1gbit) recommended.

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