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Minnow is a term which is generally applied to a Steemit users who is relatively new to the platform, or, who has yet to built up a large amount of STEEM Power (SP). Therefore, their influence over aspects of the website steemit.com such as voting power and payouts tend to be quite minimal. This is especially true when comparing these users to those dubbed "Whales" or "Dolphins" who have in general been active on Steemit much longer, built up larger amounts of Steempower and also have higher reputations.

Minnow Voting and Tipping

Minnows have very little ability to influence the direction that votes take, as their votes are not worth very much. It would take many minnows voting power combined to affect a post. Some speculate this quanitity of minnow votes may even be in the hundreds of minnow votes on a post or comment, and that is just to make them worth the same in votes as one whale.

Minnows can not up vote content and immediately give it a "tip" at the same time. At most, a minnow vote might be able to earn you $.01, as the new users in the minnow category slowly rise through the early Steempower numbers.


The site Steem Whales publishes a ranking of Steem users by Steempower in https://steemwhales.com/?p=1&s=power and also shows a graph with the current Steempower availability and shared among the users. To make this graph, steemian @heimindanger, creator of the site, defines Minnows as the 10% to 100% users who controls the 10% of the STEEM Power (SP).[1]

The site Steemd publishes a ranking of the Steempower distribution too, in https://steemd.com/distribution In their graph the accounts levels are defined as dust, newbie, user, superuser, hero, superhero and legend. In August 2016 steemian @elyaque considered a Minnow the users bellow the "hero" level, at that time it meant the possession of 10 million VESTS.[2] The same criteria was adopted by the image tool site SteemPixel.com creator @kurtrohlandt.[3]

In an announced Minnow Support Project Steemfest 2 contest in June 2017, @scooter77 defined Minnow as anyone that has 5000 SP or less and 500 followers or less.


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