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Text AMA / Q&A

This page links to text that community members have used to promote Hive. You might find it useful to reuse or repurpose the text for your own Hive promotional efforts.

List of AMAs

  • MXC, May 2020, @theycallmedan
  • Hotbit (Turkey), April 2020, @theycallmedan (Recap by @jonsnow)
  • Huobi, April 2020, @roelandp - supported by @justine


When & Why was HIVE created?
Hive is a community-initiated fork of the four-year-old Steem blockchain. The community forked on 20 March 2020 to preserve the original vision of censorship-resistance and decentralization. Hive puts responsibility for future development back into the community, and already development is a hive of activity. The vision behind it is to continue the strong community values that have been established while also freeing the formerly Steem-based ecosystem from the burden of Steemit Inc’s influence. (edited)
What is the purpose of HIVE?
The goal of Hive is to flourish as a decentralized ecosystem that can support and provide an outlet for the voices and needs of a global userbase and audience.

Although Hive initially launched as a social media blockchain, and continues to strive to do so, more and more external (d)apps use the network. Not only to connect to the Hive content reward mechanism but also to utilize the fast, feeless transfers and immutable account & community creation. With its flexible and easy to use, recognizable RESTfull APIs it is a breeze to implement a Hive integration to any app, whether it’s a utility, gaming, or in the social sphere. With the continued development on Smart Media Tokens, the Hive chain will cater to those other (d)app projects willing to launch a token-based reward system, which runs on the Hive network. As a result, Hive has a wide range of utility and organic growth. It also has the increased security that comes from a truly open source and public blockchain, where all stakeholders have a say in its direction. It sports resilience by design from the exit scams and other similar issues affecting the Altcoin community. (edited)

What features does HIVE have?
Hive is decentralized, feeless, has 3-second block times and your social username is your wallet address. Hive offers agile governance for more efficient upgrades via a battle hardened Delegated proof of stake governance model combined with very high TPS (transactions per second). Hive also has easy JSON based APIs and layer one operations for dApps and social media: including posting, commenting, and voting. Hive offers a "plug and play" Web 3 experience. There is also a substantial decentralized hive fund which allows for the continuous growth of the development of the chain and the dapps building on the blockchain. (edited)
Does HIVE have an official marketing team or CEO?
No. Hive is a decentralized, community-driven blockchain that works without a singular Centralized Executive Officer. Community initiatives are already promoting and improving Hive, supported by the Hive Proposal System.

With Hive as the platform, our dApp builders, content creators and communities promote Hive when they promote themselves. Hivers are devs, investors, business owners, bloggers, artists and musicians. Hive is a diverse community with the talent pool to accomplish anything. In an ecosystem where anyone can build anything and the blockchain is the skeleton that allows businesses, projects, services, and dapps to flesh out their ideas, marketing Hive goes hand in hand with marketing the ventures.

How does HIVE solve the scaling issues that have plagued blockchains from achieving mass adoption?
Hive has more than 1.3 million wallets and username is your wallet address! The Hive blockchain can process 1,000 transactions per second and could scale easily to ten thousand tps. 500tps is enough to run large social media properly. Hive is ready for Web 3 with fast block times, free transactions, and a battle-tested infrastructure; Hive has proven to be an entry point into the crypto world for many through its ease of use and a plethora of apps available for use. Hive is one of the largest, most actively used blockchains in the world. All of this and Hive is running at about 1% capacity so there is plenty of room to grow.

The Hive developer ecosystem came up with an array of open-source native desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser plugins to take away the “hassle” of safely & securely handling and storing private keys. Technically blockchains do not scale well to huge user numbers because of the consensus bottleneck. Smart contracts make this worse because of on-chain smart contracts. Hive has no smart contracts and uses side-chain solutions for that -> No problem on that smart contract end in this regard. DPoS scales much better than the other blockchain models (due to the reduced latency). That combined with the neat models of resource credits balances that out nicely. (edited)

How can people contribute to HIVE?
Any investor and thus stakeholder is a part of Hive and may participate in governance, marketing, anything that the Hive ecosystem has to offer. Many community members are already contributing actively to different Hive apps or Hive itself. There is plenty of demand for more people interested in helping with marketing, design, development, and otherwise growing the community. Some of this gets done with proposals through the DHF (decentralized hive fund), while others make posts on the blockchain sharing their work that is then upvoted by users who liked the contribution. In both of those cases, it is anyone who holds HIVE tokens that decide if it gets funded or by how much (as Hive Power is used to allocate new rewards from inflation). There are also many dApps owners, including myself, who are happy to pay users in HIVE or HBD for different forms of help. If so, just reach out! I'm sure many of the dapps on would be happy to hear from you (edited)
How are decisions made on HIVE for funding any upgrades?
Hive is a decentralized, community-driven blockchain. There is no central point of authority. Hive is projected to remain a decentralized community effort with no sole official representation.

The funding on Hive is done in a decentralized way. Hive is community driven and development efforts are organized through stake-based voting and witness coordination (delegated proof of stake consensus). In that, the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) is used to finance core blockchain development and the community uses stake-based votes for who it entrusts with specific tasks. Hive is also a social blockchain and you can post your efforts on the blockchain and receive rewards via stake based upvotes if the community likes your work. (edited)

What is the long-term goal to keep developers attracted to HIVE?
There are two parts to this; making it even easier for developers and incentivizing them to develop on Hive.

The main interface for dApps is via JSON RESTfull API nodes, and there are mature libraries for popular languages such as javascript, python, java. The community is continuously working on improving documentation, simplifying libraries, and providing tutorials via the GitLab repositories. Hive has existing ways to incentivize developers. Developers can create funding proposals for the Hive Fund which are voted upon by the stakeholders. Developers can post about their activity and receive social media rewards. Many witnesses (master nodes) are also developers, and they receive witness rewards. Additionally, some developers see value in contributing to a decentralized world. dApp developers that create front-ends have unique monetization opportunities to reward their investment of time and skill. New developers can follow community provided tutorials, which makes Hive an excellent choice for learning how to program for a blockchain.

What projects have been developed using the Hive?
You can see some of the wallets, games, interfaces to the hive chain, even sidechains listed at the directory over at for example. The chain is a few months old and check out the amount of output already!
Why should I join Hive?
Hive is the gateway to crypto with easy onboarding, most users do not even know they are using a blockchain. Hive is the first blockchain to offer real-world Web 3 support that makes you the master of your account and content. Hive has decentralized curation, become a curator by powering up HIVE and earn HIVE for upvoting content! Or create content and you can potentially earn HIVE from people who upvote your content. There are a million reasons to join HIVE, and if you’re looking to joining and help build an immutable, amazing community, Hive is the right place for you!
How do I create a HIVE account?
Everything in the Hive ecosystem is decentralized, even account creation. Multiple account creation services are in existence and can be found at -- they are diverse and offer free and paid services. In technical terms, new accounts may be instantly generated by an existing account for a creation fee of 3 HIVE or a free ‘claimed account token’ where the claimer is an investor. Your Hive wallet is your account name; it is not a numbered wallet as on other blockchains. Your username is your wallet address, your blog handle, and your identity in the Hive ecosystem. Joining vibrant communities, playing games, publishing content, participating in governance, investing and trading, or just simply posting about your day are all activities you can enjoy upon creating your Hive account. Since Hive is decentralized, you are the only owner of your keys, Hive accounts come with personal responsibility so make sure you back up your account keys (just like you would do with a bitcoin wallet!)