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Graphene™ is a software platform for deploying third generation cryptographically secure decentralized ledgers known as blockchains.

You can see Graphene as a toolkit for real-time blockchains. Graphene based systems have orders of magnitude better performance than first-generation Bitcoin-derived systems or even the second generation “Bitcoin 2.0” systems that constitute its current closest competitors. Graphene based systems offer a broad range of financial services distinguished by their transparency and inherent incorruptibility.

Graphene is the underlying technology that powers blockchains such as Steem, BitShares and Peerplays.[1]

Graphene technology was developed by Cryptonomex.[2]

Graphene 2.0, rebranded as ChainBase

In September 28th, 2016, the Steemit, Inc staff announced a significant overhaul on Graphene backend technology that is aimed at helping platforms like Steemit scale in an secure and economical manner.[3] One month after the team announce a preview release of Steem powered by their new Shared Memory database architecture previously introduced as Graphene 2.0, but have chosen to rebrand it as a separate and fully independent Database library named ChainBase.[4] In April 10th, 2018, the Steemit, Inc staff posted about scalability saying thanks to ChainBase faster load and exit times, and increased robustness against crashes, the updated platform was critical to enabling Steem to process its current volume of transactions.[5]


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