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A follower is a person who has chosen to follow you on Steem and sees your posts in their Steemit Feed. You can see the list of followers or people you are following by clicking on the link on your profile page.

The more followers you have, the likelihood of your posts getting more exposure increases. The steemian @shayne recommends browsing the Hot Posts tab and #introduceyourself tag, and commenting in others' posts as a way to start building a network and gain followers. But he warns about avoiding link-dropping and follow-begging.

On July 4th 2017, one year after the firsts payouts were made in Steemit, the top 5 steemians by the number of followers, according Steem Whales, were Joan Altres - @joanaltres (9,825), @always1success (9,792), @dollarvigilante (9,254), Carlo Belgado - @carlobelgado (6,246) and @sweetsssj (6,093).[1]


  1. Ranking by Followers Steem Whales retrieved in July 4th, 2017


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