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Busy.org is an alternative content creation social media website utilising the Steem blockchain. Founded by @ekitcho and @fabien in July, 2016, is opened in beta release since February, 2nd, 2017.

Just like on Steemit, you recieve revenue for posting and curating to the steem blockchain. Posts are seen on both sites.

What is Busy?

Using the power of the Steem blockchain, Busy is an Open Source social network and communication platform that extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services. On top of that, Busy is also a Non-profit organization offering open-source projects on Steem, which aims to bridge the gap between the old economy and a new economy giving value back to people. Our goal is to develop the best strategy to bootstrap this thriving eco-system and to enable billions of people to take part in this revolution" quote taken from @busy.org's introduction post on steemit."[1]


The creators of @busy.org also launched SteemConnect as a simple identity layer built on top of the Steem blockchain, that allows users to connect to authorized apps in a secure and convenient way.[2] In September 2017 the Steemit, Inc announced a partnership with Busy.org to further develop SteemConnect. For months in an effort to take the tool to the next level, a major upgrade with Steemit official support was launched. The goal is to make signing into any application that leverages a Steem Account as easy and intuitive as signing into any ordinary website.[3]


Steemian Dr. Hafiz (@hafiz34) made a comparison between Steemit and Busy.org pointing his prefered features: fractional upvote option, activity track, voting power and voting value visibility, profiles with other social networks, updated market value of Steem and SBD, favourit posts bookmark, and the possibility to get a sweet upvote from busy.org.[4] The upvote is made by @busy.org upvoter bot, it started as an experiment in October 2017 when users tried to post on busy.org using the tag "busy", may have noticed that the account @busy.org automatically upvotes their post. The bot will upvote you based on the weight of your followers. The more influential followers you have, the stronger upvote you will get from the bot: to get an upvote, you need a minimum of 500 SP following you. To get a 100% upvote (around 10$ value), you currently need 12 Millions SP total following you (25 whales).[5]


Steemian Mister Crypto Lemon (@vlemon) published that busy.org reached 640,438 visits in December 2017, it went on average at 20k+ and 30k+ that month.[6] One month earlier, in November 2017, @zoltanbristol made a comparison and published that page views were dropping rapidly on Steemit but it has more than 175,000 visitors while busy.org has around 5,000.[7] In October 2017 Chitty (@chitty) made a quick speed test and found that Busy.org was almost 6 times faster than Steemit.com. Accordingly him Steemit has been getting over 100k daily visitors per day at that time, so it was understandable that Busy, which had a lot less traffic, would be faster.[8]


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